I launched richardhowe.com as a blog covering the politics and history of Lowell, Massachusetts, in 2007. Posts included reports on city council meetings and a Sunday review of the week’s political events.

In 2019, I stepped away from writing about politics for a number of reasons and made the blog a platform for writers and poets to share their original work with the best of that work presented in The Lowell Review, an annual print publication modeled on literary journals from this region’s past.

However, it’s now time for me to return to writing about Lowell politics, now in the form of a weekly newsletter. It will be sent to subscribers early each Sunday morning and will be archived here on the Substack site.

Richard Howe is the Register of Deeds of the Northern Middlesex District, the founder of Lowell Walks, and the author of several books on Lowell, Massachusetts, and its history.

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A newsletter on politics in Lowell, Massachusetts


Richard Howe

Richard Howe writes about Lowell politics and history on his richardhowe.com website which is also a platform for writers and poets from Lowell and beyond.